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Xellent Swiss Vodka – Swiss precision and elegance

Xellent Swiss Vodka is made from the best raw materials in Lucerne’s Hinterland. Distilled with the utmost passion and care, this vodka is somewhat rough around the edges, which is exactly what gives it its charm. According to the manufacturers, this vodka has a strong influence on the taste of any drink. From farming locally grown grains to bottling the end product, the company maintains high standards throughout the distillation process. This attention to precision gives Xellent Swiss Vodka an air of sophistication.

Swiss Vodka – for people who like a little something different

The fruity top notes of cherries are immediately evident in the nose, with warm undertones of stimulating nutty nuances, discreet rye spices and freshness. These well-balanced and delicate notes can be detected at the first sip. As the vodka develops on the palate, cooked cherry essence is replaced by full-bodied, finely concentrated rye spices and transforms into a well-rounded bouquet. You can expect a nutty-fruity finish with a balanced acidity.

However you want to enjoy Xellent Swiss Vodka – it tastes sophisticated and full-bodied in cocktails, long drinks or pure. Get ready for a one-of-a-kind vodka that stands out from the crowd with its aromatic profile and smooth texture.

The perfect vodka for your bar cart: Xellent

The red bottle is full-on eye candy. Whether you want to admire it on your shelf or in a showcase, this spectacular bottle will catch your eye every time.

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Pachet 2 x Xellent Swiss Vodka

Pachet 2 x Xellent Swiss Vodka

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